Meditations on a world ending

by Áine O'Dwyer

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M e d i t a t i o n s o n a W o r l d E n d i n g

'Meditations on a world ending' is a fifteen minute mix of a pipe organ and vocal performance on Winter Solstice night at the Franciscan Friary, Limerick City, 21.12.12. This was a mythological date mapped out by westerns as an 'end of times' Mayan prediction. It was said that the Mayans believed Yolon Bokte, God of war and creation, would descend from the skies and wreck havoc on earth on the 21st of December 2012. Some interpreters claimed that it was a steadfast prediction of a new era on earth, whereby all it's earthly inhabitants would undergo a spiritual transformation. Others viewed it as an apocalyptic end of one world and the beginning of another unknown. At the very least, the descent of Bolon is a very powerful metaphor for future change. But when will our world ever stand still?

* This track is technically not for sale, for the obvious reason. I wish to release it on vinyl, with some luck, some time in the future. I'm searching for a home. Currently, I'm working on the other side. I'm almost there! In saying that, it could very well stay here, trapped in a band camp listening booth, for eternity.

Art work - A telescopic view of Bolon Yokte descending through the skies.

Performed/mixed/mastered by Áine O’Dwyer
Redcorded by Simon Collins on 21.12.12

An Archaic nursery rhyme by the name of ' The Cock doth crow '

The cock doth crow
To let you know
If you be wise
Tis time to rise
For early to bed
And early to rise
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise


released December 21, 2014



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