Anything bright or startling?

by Áine O Dwyer

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All tracks by Áine Except Falcon RWM Hunt/O'Dwyer. Hyperbolia Hunt/O'Dwyer Albion Awake Chris Cutler/Hunt/O'Dwyer Silent O Moyle Thomas Moore/O'Dwyer


released June 6, 2013

Mixed by Áine. Engineered by Simon Trout. Mastered by Anthony Ryan. Art concept, direction, props, costume by Áine. Photographer and design work Marin M. Andersen. Released on Second language label reissued here and soon to be made physical again sometime soon on VINYL!



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Áine O'Dwyer

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Track Name: Falcon/Egress/Coiled Eyes
Not through learning did I wittingly embark
When first I found our bearings cross
I trained a falcon for more than a year
And taught in it my will to take
We spoke at length some crude, some brave
Upon our yearnings and our fear
And learned through passing through our mouths
to fill the gaps between our ears
I hear things spoken in your voice
My good friend
And so perceive what you would think
Of where I've been and what I've dealt
And what of others needs opinion
And with this granted conformation
I choose my ways and make my deals
Far from the days and lands
In which we spoke
And tempered by each others wisdom
Saw our own
Track Name: Hyperbolia/Boatwoman
Be still, don't do that
I wanted to be here alone
Who are you, I only know
You're not the person I wanted to
look like what's up with you
look like you've seen a ghost
Stark-raven- waters
Rolling rivers in the river
Broken giant lanterns
Why I come here, where I stay thusly thither
Floating quiet light worlds:
Floating quiet light worlds!
It's...gotten lost now, where;
Where was I? Oh-
Floating quiet light worlds
In the giant broken lanterns
And so- It's you
No I'm not pleased to see yuh
I thought you weren't coming
But now that you're here
Tell me what's with this debris?
How should I know what went down;
Please pull yourself together-
You talk awful queer...
Old-Cracked-Come down-
To the rive, water raging
From the broken giant headland
Try to touch down but I could not; s;
Off you gone or go now
I will head long-running inland
Let a-leave me out the coast road
And a bobbin in the see weed
Track Name: Albion Awake/lifeboy
Albion Awake

Albion! Awake
tumble you cedars!
Owls begone; beaks, tear the fabric of the night
to sparks!
Moles, spit the soil, crime' beaks destroy
O ermine, maculate
Invert the starry firmament of night!
Split graves apart - quick!
and suck nourriture from death, sack cities and
upraise the slain!
Awake! Awake!
Let banners fly, like shrapnel,
Unfurl and efface the sky!


There are things which fly above my head
The hours and the days
And ahoy! A boy!
Legs over fences, arms on terrains
Touching ground with the wild of this place.
I see a trace of me in him
But I've always been here
I'm up there and down here
Traveling ground here.
Track Name: Silent O Moyle/Truant Crier
Silent O Moyle

Silent, O Moyle, be the roar of thy water,
Break not, ye breezes, your chain of repose,
While murmuring mournfully, Lir's lonely daughter
Tells to the night-star her tale of woes.
When shall the swan, her death-note singing,
Sleep, with wings in darkness furl'd?
When wil head'n, it's sweet bell ringing,
Call her spirit from this stormy world?

Sadly, oh Moyle, to thy winter-wave weeping,
Fate bids me languish long ages away;
Yet still in her darkness Erin lies sleeping,
Still doth the pure light it's dawning day
When will that day star, wildly springing,
Warm out isle with peace and love?
When will heav'n, its sweet bell ringing,
Call her spirit from the fields up there?